Tabăra toamnei, Retazat 30 aug/ 2 sept
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Salut, prieteni
Pentru că de regulă Clubul Alpin Român organizează prin secția universitară clujeană Memorialul Cuxi din februarie a fiecărui an, ocazie la care colegii noștri cațără pe gheață, fac ski de tură și drumeție în …

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Letter from Romanian Alpine Club to Montenegro Climbing Community

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Montenegro Climbing Community


Mountaineering Association of Montenegro

Ministry of Sustainable Development and tourism of Montenegro

Ministry of Education and Sports of Montenegro


We, the Romanian Alpine Club, would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude for the swift and invaluable help the local climbers on site of the fateful accident of 23 June have given to the wounded tourists.

It is a renewed display of the eagerness to provide assistance to those in need of which the climbing community at large is known for yet, this time, outside the close-knit circle of our own community.

We would like to thank again the climbers involved in the rescue effort as well as the local community for providing such invaluable assistance and to assure you that your actions and response to the tragedy that has affected our conationals have been perceived in Romania as an act of selflessness and bravery.

A heartfelt thank you!

The Romanian Alpine Club

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